Closet Turned Vanity

A few weeks ago while perusing Pinterest, I came across a really cool project done by Liz Marie — it was her bathroom closet turned vanity project. I thought it was a super great idea and made sure to pin the idea on my Master Bedroom Ideas board.

Fast forward to last Sunday and Liz Marie’s project was all I could think about. I had to do something similar in my home!

Since we live in a 1970′s bungalow, we don’t have the luxury of having a master bathroom. For the past four years, Ted and I have been sharing the main floor bathroom. Thankfully, he leaves for work earlier than I do in the morning, so we never have to fight over the bathroom. But, I know the constant clutter of my make-up, brushes,  hair products and other girly things was starting to get to him. Turning half of my closet into a vanity space was a great idea!

Even though we are not blessed with a master bathroom, I can say that we are doubly blessed to have two full-sized closets in our bedroom. Ted has his and I have mine. Amen to that! This spring, after cleaning out my closet, I was left with only half of my closet full. The other half was just being taken up by an old dresser from Ikea that stores my socks and other unmentionables, and the top of the dresser was a dumping ground for jewelery and other accessories. The dresser was still useful and functional, I just had to reframe how I was to use that side of the closet.

First, I cleared out all of my jewelery and accessories taking up space on the dresser. The dust was out of control!

Then, I easily removed a few shelves, rods and brackets from my Rubbermaid Configurations closet organizer (which, by the way, are THE BEST closet organizers out there — so versatile and easy to install…and uninstall!)

Next, I measured the space in between the two wall brackets of my closet organizer. I knew I didn’t want to fully take out that section of closet since I may need it one day. After looking on the Ikea website, I found this mirror, which was the right size and price and had a small glass shelf for added space. Off to Ikea I went!

When I came home, Ted got to work installing the mirror. He’s a handy guy to have around who loves to use his tools anytime he can!

What a guy!

On Liz Marie’s blog, she also had a great post on make-up storage. I loved her idea for organizing and displaying her make-up brushes. I happened to have a nice vase on hand, so I quickly ran over to Michael’s and bought a bag of crushed glass for my filler.

I absolutely love the final product — my closet vanity makes getting ready in the morning a snap since I have all of my make-up, hair products and other goodies close at hand. Best of all, if I don’t have time to neatly put everything away, I can simply close my closet door! No more having to run into the bathroom and stash things away when company unexpectedly drops in and no more annoying clutter for Ted.

I’m also glad that I didn’t remove the closet rails — they are great for holding clips and hair ties. Also, the existing lighting in the closet is super great for applying make-up.

This project is almost all complete. I want to find a cute, miniature boxwood plant to go in one of my pots that I picked up this week. I think it will add some nice colour to the space — even a closet vanity needs to look pretty! I’m also in the process of building this functional, yet beautiful necklace organizer posted by LDH on her blog. More on that project in another post! :)

So, what do you think? A smart use of an under utilized space? If you have done something similar, I’d love to hear about it! And, kudos to Liz Marie for the inspiration!

Thanks for dropping by The 236!

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