Chip & Salsa Bowl in a Pinch

Company is coming and you are frantically throwing together some appetizers (I know this, because this was me on Saturday before having family over to celebrate my Dad’s birthday). You’d like to serve chips and salsa, but you forgot to pick up that nice bowl you saw at Home Sense. No worries — you can easily create a chip and salsa bowl on the fly using bowls you already have on hand!

Step 1: Find three bowls — small, medium and large.

Step 2: Turn the small bowl upside down and place it in the large bowl.

Step 3: Place the medium bowl on top of the small bowl.

Step 4: Fill the medium bowl with your salsa and place the chips around it.

Step 5: Cross that fancy chip and salsa bowl off your shopping list — because, really, you don’t need it anymore!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Twitter :) and SunandLavender! Great idea with the bowls. I have many DUH moments when I am searching through blogs..haha.

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