Month: October 2011

Review: Household Low Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have heard me tweet (non-stop!) about my love for my new paint sprayer. Let me just say, this sprayer rocks! So much so, that I had to share this great find with you!

I was in the market for a paint sprayer for a few months, but I didn’t know which one to buy and I didn’t really want to spend a fortune because I knew I would only need it for a handful of projects. We already had a large capacity air compressor, so all I needed was the actual spray gun.

Enter Beckie and her review of Harbor Freight Tools’ Household Low Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun review. After reading her review and seeing the before and afters of some furniture pieces that she completed using this sprayer, I knew my decision was made! Plus, she did all the work for me by finding a coupon code online! For a cool $15, I had a new sprayer! Thanks Beckie!

After weeks of putting off spraying my new{ish} bathroom vanity for our upstairs bathroom re-fresh, I finally swallowed my fear and busted out the sprayer this weekend.

I will admit, it took awhile to get used to the sprayer. Before I even set foot at spraying the vanity, I practiced on a scrap piece of wood. It took some time to find the right setting, especially since I had to fiddle with three different knobs to find the right amount of paint. Also, the primer I was using needed to be thinned a bit, so that was a bit of a challenge finding the right paint consistency that wasn’t too thick or to thin.


  • The price — for $15 delivered (to my US mailbox), you can’t be beat
  • The sprayer is lightweight and easy to hold
  • The cup holds just the right amount of paint to spray a medium to large piece
  • The gun is easy to clean — just rinse the cup out really well with water (when using latex paint), then run a cup of fresh water through the sprayer to clean out the insides (I simply sprayed the water into a bucket until it ran clear, then I let the gun air dry)
  • Sprays pieces quickly and evenly without brush strokes
  • Little over-spray — of course, you’ll want to protect your work area with drop cloths, but I was expecting there to be more over-spray than there was (bonus!)
  • The trigger is easy to use and responsive
  • Finding the right spray consistency takes awhile to perfect — practice on a scrap piece of wood to find the right consistency (too thick will have an orange peel finish and too thin will run)
  • The gun didn’t come with a female connector, so I had to purchase that separately for a few dollars at my local hardware store

I can’t wait to show you my painted vanity when it’s complete! I’m so glad I swallowed my fear and primed and painted my vanity with a paint sprayer, rather than paint it with a brush. If you are in the market for an economical spray gun, I highly recommend Harbor Freight Tools’ Household Low Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun manufactured by Central Pneumatic.

Featured on Knock Off Decor

Holy moly — what a day! I am thrilled to share that The 236′s Before & After: A Restoration Hardware Inspired Glass Cloche is featured on Knock Off Decor today!

What an honour! Before The 236 was even a blip on the radar, I remember stumbling upon Knock Off Decor when I was looking for inspiration on how to re-create a Pottery Barn beauty. From there, I was hooked — and inspired. Not long after, The 236 was born.

Beckie is the woman behind Knock Off Decor…and Infarrantly Creative….and Roadkill Rescue….and The CSI Project! Oh, she also co-founded CrafterMinds! Phew….what doesn’t this woman do?! I can safely say that each day I visit all of her sites and follow along with her wonderful projects and those she features from other crafters and DIYers in the blogsphere.

Thanks for having me on Knock Off Decor, Beckie! And, to all my readers, be sure to add Beckie to your must-read list!

Featured on Serenity Now

Wow — what an honour! The 236 was recently featured on Serenity Now — A Mommy’s Solution to Staying Sane!

Featured At Serenity Now

Check out Amanda’s post where she highlights seven blogs that linked up to her Weekend Bloggy Reading Party — one of which being the 236′s Welcome, Fall update! Be sure to check out all of the featured blogs — there are some fantastic and delicious ideas!

And, be sure to pour yourself a cup of coffee and curl up with Amanda’s blog. She regularly posts about her thrifty finds, recipes, attempts at crafty things, musings on everything from fashion to TV and stories of her family and life. I’m sure you’ll make her blog part of your daily reading — I know I have!

Thanks for the feature, Amanda!