Finally! After four years….

….our interlock is sealed!

It has been a project on our to do list for a looooong time, but it never got done. Part of it was fear — “What if we do it wrong? What if we wreck the patio?”

It was also very daunting. We have a large patio in the back — a lot of surface area needed to be covered.

But, after so many years of neglecting this must-do job, we finally did it. We couldn’t have had a better weekend for it — sunshine, still air and comfortable temperatures.

Doing one coat of sealer took about three hours.

The fumes? Noxious! Even outdoors.

I swear, I was high. My fine motor skills were compromised and my head was pounding!

Four cans of sealer later, the first coat was done. We still have a second coat to go, which will bring the colours of the interlock out even more.

The backyard has come a long way since we bought the house. One day I’ll pull together a “before, during and progress” post. It’s been a wild ride!

Completing this final step is kinda a big deal!

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    1. I have my husband Ted to thank for that. He can’t sit still and relax – he digs out the weeds! I have to say though that a good coverage of polymeric sand helps to keep our weeds in check. Very easy to apply and saves a lot of weed pulling.

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