Month: May 2012

May 31, 2008 — Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

On May 31, 2008 — exactly one year to the date of moving into our home — Ted and I stood in front of our families and friends and said “I do.”

It was a glorious day. Everything we had imagined and more.

Today, I thought I would share some photos from our wedding day.

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Happy fourth anniversary, Ted! xo

All images courtesy of Boston Avenue Wedding Photography.

May 31, 2007 — Our 5th Housiversary

May 31. A big day for Ted and I.

Two major life events occurred on this day exactly one year apart.

May 31, 2007, was the day we said goodbye to Unit 403 — Ted’s one-bedroom plus den fourth floor bachelor pad condo. The special place that housed the very beginnings of our relationship. It was also the day that we took possession of our home — once Ted’s childhood home.

Our first home together.

It was an exciting day full of promise, ideas and major excitement. Oh, the things we had in mind for that house. How far we have come in those five years. It is safe to say that we have touched, changed, re-worked, re-designed and personalized every square inch of our house.

We love it. It’s home.

As if moving into a new home and tackling major renovations wasn’t enough, my days were also filled with planning a wedding.

Our wedding.

More on that tomorrow — our fourth wedding anniversary.

The Switch to Summer Bedding

There is nothing better than sleeping with the windows open on a cool summer night.

I love falling asleep to the crickets and waking to the birds.

To mark the warmer temperatures as of late, I made the switch to our summer bedding today.

Goodbye heavy duvet and flannel sheets.

Hello light coverlet and cotton sheets.

I can’t wait to crawl into bed tonight.

#BlogPodium: Head Full of Ideas, Heart Full of Inspiration

In January, I had the pleasure of attending BlogPodium’s first event called Blogs & Media.

That event….wow! It kicked me right out of my comfort zone (in a really great way!) and connected me with some fabulous, like-minded folks. That single day made a huge impact on me. It filled up my inspiration tank!

When early bird tickets were available for the spring talk, called The Business of Blogging, I jumped at the chance and bought a ticket. This was a talk I was not going to miss!

Unlike my first BlogPodium experience, I wasn’t nervous this time around. I was excited! I was pumped! I knew I would get to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones — I was especially excited to put some more faces to twitter handles names. With a stack of business cards in hand and my iPad to take as many notes as possible, I hit the road to Toronto!


As expected, the day was phenomenal. I walked away with a head full of ideas and a heart full of inspiration — but, I have to say that the one thing that stuck with me most was how important it is for me to write consistently. To blog more often. To keep honing this amazingly rewarding craft.

Even if I don’t feel like I have it in me…

Even if I my day job as a copywriter has sucked all the words out of me

Another big take away for me was the importance of goal setting. How can I be a better blogger/writer if I don’t set goals and aim to achieve them? I can’t. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking inward and setting some goals for myself and this blog. Lord nows I have a long list of updates to write about….*cough cough* bathroom renovation *cough*…

Many thanks to Jennifer Flores from Rambling Renovators and Lindsay Stephenson from Little House Blog for putting together another fabulous event! To Nicole Bache from Making It Lovely  and the BlogPodium panel — thank you for generously sharing your expert knowledge! And, last but not least, thank you to all of the sponsor brands and vendors — it was fabulous to interact with you!

To my fellow bloggers — it was a slice! See you at the next talk in the fall.