The Switch to Summer Bedding

There is nothing better than sleeping with the windows open on a cool summer night.

I love falling asleep to the crickets and waking to the birds.

To mark the warmer temperatures as of late, I made the switch to our summer bedding today.

Goodbye heavy duvet and flannel sheets.

Hello light coverlet and cotton sheets.

I can’t wait to crawl into bed tonight.

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    1. Girl, I hear you on that one. Luckily I was smart enough to store our summer bedding in an ottoman in our basement. It’s freezing down there, so I avoided the dreaded sweat-stache while doing the switch over. Stay cool! -M.

  1. I love that coverlet!

    We aren’t at the point of having different bedding for summer and winter bedding, but it’s something I look forward to!

    1. It’s a nice treat to make the switch each summer and winter. I love the coverlet too. It was a find at Target a few years ago. I also love that it’s brown so it hides dog hair! A major consideration when choosing any fabric in our home! Thanks for stopping by Ashley. -M.

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