Month: December 2012

To Sew, or Not to Sew?

After a few days of humming and hawing, I finally made a decision on whether to sew the curtains for baby girl’s room myself, or to have them sewn for me.

The verdict: DIY!

Why? Well, as much as the lazy, pregnant girl inside of me would love to have the folks at Tonic Living sew the curtains for me, the practical, can-do girl inside of me is saying to suck it up and sew! Also, the budget-loving, money-saving girl inside of me remembered that we still need to find a rug for the room to help dampen any hardwood floor squeaks and noises. The money saved on custom sewing can go towards the rug budget. Practicality wins again. Sigh…

So, it looks like my Christmas break (bearing that the fabric arrives before Christmas…fingers crossed!) will be spent doing this…


And a more of this…

Wish me luck!

A Place to Rest Her Head

Progress on our lil girl’s room is coming along nicely. Over the weekend, we selected a crib and dresser with the help of Grandpa- and Babcia-to-be.

After looking at a few cribs and dressers (and giving each one a good, solid shake to test for durability — all new parents do this, right?), we zoned in on this crib and dresser from a Canadian company called College Woodwork.

The furniture comes in a variety of finishes with the choice of hardware. We opted for white, which will contrast nicely with the dark hardwood floors, and oval pulls on the dresser. We really like the curves on this furniture — it should go nicely with the graphic elements in our fabric selections.

With it being the holidays, we won’t receive the furniture for another 8-10 weeks. Hopefully it all arrives on time! We have 14-ish more weeks to go and this Momma is anxious to get every lil onesie and cloth diaper washed and folded away. I think the full-blown nesting has started to settle in, no? :)

Scenes of Christmas

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year.

I love pulling out all of our decorations — some new, some handed down from my parents — and covering the house in Christmas cheer. Each year, I start plotting our decor on November 1st.

This year was no exception.

Without further ado, I bring to you Christmas…

The Merry Christmas banner is my favourite craft thus far. To make it, I simply cut the letters out of seasonal scrapbook paper using my Silhouette Cameo and strung each letter together using red and white twine. I even made a few extra and gave them to friends and family to help spread some Christmas cheer.

Slow down and enjoy this last week before Christmas. It’ll all be over in a flash!

Fabulous Fabric

Since deciding on keeping the existing beige paint colour in baby girl’s room, it was time to turn our attention to fabric.

I knew that I wanted the space to be modern, graphic, colourful and versatile for years to come — but, that was it. As for a colour scheme? No clue. No clue at all!

That’s why I love Tonic Living. Their online fabric store {which is Canadian, by the way!} is a super awesome source. So many wonderful fabrics to choose from at reasonable prices. You can’t find fabrics of this quality, variety, etc. at a big chain fabric store. Don’t even bother….I’ve tried!

After snooping around for a bit, this fabric called “Varenna, Coral” caught my attention:

If you follow along in “blogland” at all, you might recall that Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone used the same fabric in her little gal’s room. Isn’t it amazing? SOLD!

To make sure that we were on the right path, I ordered a swatch of the fabric along with a handful of other samples.

After playing around with all of the options, Ted and I settled on this scheme:

From left to right: “Varenna, Coral”: curtains, “Emilio Cosmo”: throw cushions, “Flatiron, Grey”: crib skirt — all from Tonic Living. The Orange Dot and Khaki Dot fabric samples are from Land of Nod and will likely end up being the crib sheet and/or change pad fabric.

So, I guess you can say our scheme is a mix of cherry-coral-orange-khaki-grey-white awesomeness! It’s totally not what I thought we would end up choosing {I’m eating my words right now — I always said I wouldn’t include “pink” in a girl’s room}, but I love it and so does Ted, which is important because he’ll be spending a lot of time in this space changing dirty diapers, right honey? :)

Now, the big debate is whether I should sew the curtains myself, or have the capable folks at Tonic Living do them for me. I’ve sewn curtains before for our living room and they turned out super fabulous {and I really enjoy sewing}, but I just don’t know if my somewhat tired, pregnant body has the energy to complete the curtains. The pillows and crib skirt can be whipped up quite easily — it’s the curtains that have me hesitating a bit. I’ll keep you posted!

As an aside, this isn’t a sponsored post. I happen to really love Tonic Living and am happy to promote a local Canadian business run by exceptional folks. Thanks Janine and Shannon for your help!

A Blank Canvas

With baby girl’s due date staring us down {only 15-ish weeks until she’s due!}, we finally got our acts together by starting work on her room.

Our bungalow is a cozy three bedroom home. Since living in the house, our two extra bedrooms have always acted as guest rooms for the rare overnight visitor. After discovering we were expecting, we sold one of our queen guest beds to a lovely family and ended up with an empty room on our hands.

It’s a blank canvas with refinished hardwood floors in a dark stain, updated trim and neutral beige paint. Originally, I had my heart set on painting the room a soft grey, but after some thought, the existing light beige paint colour is more than perfect {and already done! Yay to no painting, right Grandpa?}

Not pictured is the large window that floods the room with afternoon sunlight {note to self: get blackout lining for the curtains!} and a large double closet.

It’s not the biggest room by any stretch, but it’s totally cozy, sunny and perfect for our little girl.

And, Baby Makes Three!

It’s been a very long time since I have updated the blog. One minute I am playing in the dirt, getting the garden beds ready for summer and then before you know it, it’s Christmas!

So, what exactly have we been up to since June?

Well, baking a bun in my oven, of course!

Yep…that’s right. Baby makes three! Well, really, four….we have to include our four-legged fur baby, Mason, in the mix!

We are expecting a baby girl and she’s due to arrive late March. To say we are excited is an understatement!

So, there you have it — an official post about my MIA status since the summer.

Up next: starting work on the baby’s room.

Yes, I just referred to it as a “baby’s room” and not “nursery” — a “nursery” sounds like a place for sick babies and we’ll have none of that! :)