A Place to Rest Her Head

Progress on our lil girl’s room is coming along nicely. Over the weekend, we selected a crib and dresser with the help of Grandpa- and Babcia-to-be.

After looking at a few cribs and dressers (and giving each one a good, solid shake to test for durability — all new parents do this, right?), we zoned in on this crib and dresser from a Canadian company called College Woodwork.

The furniture comes in a variety of finishes with the choice of hardware. We opted for white, which will contrast nicely with the dark hardwood floors, and oval pulls on the dresser. We really like the curves on this furniture — it should go nicely with the graphic elements in our fabric selections.

With it being the holidays, we won’t receive the furniture for another 8-10 weeks. Hopefully it all arrives on time! We have 14-ish more weeks to go and this Momma is anxious to get every lil onesie and cloth diaper washed and folded away. I think the full-blown nesting has started to settle in, no? :)

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    1. Good question! After asking around, most of my Momma friends said they didn’t get a lot of use out of their gliders. They are very expensive and, in my opinion, look like nursery furniture. What do you do with the glider when you no longer need it? Put it in the living room? Likely not. We have decided to forego a glider and borrow a vintage Thonet rocker from my Dad. It’s the same rocker that was used with my brother and I, so it’s sentimental. But, when we are done with it, it will go back to Grandpa’s house, as our bungalow is too small for it.

      1. I think we’re leaning the same way. People have also said that you begin to feel trapped in the baby’s room with the glider. Also, I think they are ugly (good excuse, right?)

        My parents have an old Thonet rocker that I’ve been meaning to steal for years. It doesn’t fit in carry-on luggage though, so may never happen.

      2. Exactly! I agree 100%
        I know myself as well — you’ll likely find me and baby in the basement in front of the fire versus locked away in her room. :)
        You must figure out a way to fit that Thonet rocker in your luggage! Time to start plotting!

  1. I really love the fabrics you’ve picked out! Such sweet colors. And the crib looks very classic. = )

    Also, saw your other comments about the glider…I loved mine so much, that I moved it to the living room so that I could use it more. And then, I missed having it in the nursery/playroom, and so I bought another one. My first one cost around $400 and was a baby present. And my second one I bought off of Craigslist for $180 – so not too outrageous. It seemed worth it to me since I’ve enjoyed using both of them so much. Just my experience. They are just sooo comfortable.

    1. Hi Caroline! Thx for commenting! It’s always great to hear another Momma’s opinion on things! I did sit in a rocker/glider this weekend while crib shopping and you are right, they are comfy! I did look on Craigslist and Kijiji to find a used rocker and there were many up for grabs – a great way to save a few bucks for sure! If our house was a bit bigger, I would definitely consider one, but being in a bungalow doesn’t leave us a whole lot of space. I’ll see how we do with the hand me down rocker from my Dad; we can always get a glider if we need one, right? :) thx again for stopping by and the advice! I always appreciate it! :)

  2. Love it Michelle, looks so pretty!! I can’t wait to see the finished product! I agree, about the glider- don’t bother. You know the chair I’m using and like it just fine and like you said, when we’re done it’ll be returned to hubby’s grandfather! Love the new header too :)

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