Sew Painful, Yet Sew Worth It!

Over the Christmas break, I managed to start work on sewing the curtains for our little one’s room. Going into this, I knew it would be hard work — not the sewing part (that’s the easy part, if you ask me!), but the physical part of prepping and sewing large pieces of fabric. Lots of bending, kneeling, squatting, sitting, standing in front of an ironing board for hours… get the picture.

Being seven months pregnant and tackling a project like this is no joke. Part way through cutting the fabric for the curtains, I had to stop and take a shower. The whole process made me break out in a sweat! I felt like I just completed an hour long hot yoga class followed by a 5km race. It was not a pretty sight!

The curtains, on the other hand, are coming together beautifully! I’m in no rush to finish them, so I’ve been plugging away a little bit here and there. Netflix has been entertaining me while I iron all my hems.

This weekend, I managed to get the hems of both panels ironed and pinned. I am now ready for the next step — inserting the dim-out lining in behind each panel, which means more cutting, bending, kneeling, squatting and complaining (oh, my aching back!)

I’m anxious to get behind the sewing machine and start piecing these curtains together. I want nice finished edges, so I took some time over the holidays to practice blind hemming stitches on my machine using some scrap fabric. The result? Perfection! I wish I used this technique on my living/dining room curtains last year, but I didn’t realize I had the right foot for the job until now. Ah well, live and learn!

Am I regretting not having these curtains custom sewn for me? Not yet. So far I have been enjoying the entire process and the money saved by sewing them myself has allowed us the ability to allocate our “baby room dollars” to other items — more on that later! Plus, I’m enjoying working on this project knowing that it’s going to be enjoyed by someone really special. :)

Curtain fabric: Varenna, Coral from Tonic Living

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    1. Oy, yes….a duvet cover sewing project would be killer! Even just putting a duvet cover on the bed while pregnant is hard…hence why I’m still sleeping with our summer quilt! Thanks for visiting!

  1. Love that fabric!
    Your post brings back memories of when i made a quilt and curtains for my son when i was 8-9 months pregnant with him. I’m not sure what possessed me to wait so long, but it was exhausting!
    Her room is going to be gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks Janet! Aside from the curtains, I also have a crib skirt and throw cushions to sew. I’ve also been plotting a quilt – my first one! That might have to wait until AFTER baby…..if I ever get around to it! She might be 30 by then! LOL!

  2. I love the fabric! Good luck finishing them! How much did you have to pay for all that fabric? I wanted to make some for our room and baby’s room but couldn’t find decent fabric for a reasonable price so gave up and bought pre-made.

    I love the blind stitch look too! Good luck finishing, I know it’ll be tough :) I painted 2 rooms while pregnant- truth be told hubby totally took over in the baby’s room b/c it was too hard for me.

    1. Hey lady! I bought all of the fabric and dim out lining from Tonic Living. I think I got 6 yards of the fabric, 6 yards of the dim out lining, 2 yards of a chevron fabric and a yard of another fabric for $160 shipped to my door. All of that fabric will be used to make lined curtains (two panels), a full crib skirt and multiple throw cushions. I looked into buying pre-made curtains but they were all too short, so I would have had to add fabric to make them the right length, which would have added to the expense. Tonic Living is a fabulous, Canadian resource!

      As for painting a room while pregnant, wow – you are brave! I wanted to paint the walls grey, but decided to stick with the beige so I could avoid the work (and save a few pennies on a can or two of paint!) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Seriously impressive! You have WAY more patients and determination than I do.
    My sewing machine has been sitting in the closet collecting dust for almost 2 years now.
    I think it’s time to pull that sucker out!
    The blind stitching looks SO good.

    Where did you get your fabric?

    1. Hey Brooke! I got my fabric from Tonic Living. They are Toronto based and have a great online selection. I love ordering my fabric from them! Highly, highly recommend it! You can also order swatched for $1. Well worth it to help choose the right fabric. Happy sewing!

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