Let there be light!

As I casually hinted at in this post, we have been experiencing electrical issues in the baby’s room for about two weeks.

It all started with my simple request for a dimmer switch in the room. An easy request, considering Ted has swapped out most of the light switches in our home with dimmer switches.

Well, what can I say — living in an older home comes with surprises. Like old wiring that literally crumbled in Ted’s fingers as he was installing the new switch. Yep, crumbled. All the way up into the wall behind the box. Lovely.

But, that wasn’t all. After some investigating, we noticed that a 2×6 was notched out to fit the shallower than normal electrical box. Comical! What the house builder was thinking is beyond us!

Since our electrical panel is in our basement, we thought that the wiring would snake itself downstairs. But, after further investigation, we found that it actually went up into the attic. Talk about a detour!

Stupid? Yes. But, awesome all the same! By going up through the attic, Ted had easy access to the wire, which he was able to extend back down into the box.

At this point, the sun was going down and he was running out of light. Chiseling out the 2×6 to accommodate the new, full-size box in the dark was not fun. There may or may not have been a few swears.

The result?


And, light!

Way to go, Daddy!

Let the crib assembling commence!

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