Hello there and welcome to The 236!

My name is Michelle and I’m the designer, planner, creator, list-maker, organizer, dreamer, decorator, thrifter, DIYer, crafter, head painter, tweeter, etc. at The 236 — a cozy 1970s bungalow in beautiful Burlington, Ontario.

Renovation and home design have always been a passion of mine. I have fond memories of being a little girl watching This Old House and the New Yankee Workshop with my Dad, well before the days of HGTV. Over the years, I have channeled my creativity into making spaces beautiful and comfortable — it’s what I truly love to do in my spare time away from my professional life as a Copywriter.

Since my husband Ted and I purchased his childhood home from his parents in 2007, we have completely renovated, updated and redecorated our home to suit our tastes and lifestyle. The list of projects is long — from gutting the basement, to putting on a new roof, updating both bathrooms and overhauling our kitchen…and everything in between! It has been quite an interesting ride, but it has been fun, especially since we are both “project people.”

Follow along with me as I look back on all of our projects and document our future ones, with a focus on creative, crafty solutions that offer a big bang, without spending a big buck. Because, really, after four years of pouring money into our beloved home, there’s not a lot left to throw around!

Thanks for joining me!


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