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Before & After: A Restoration Hardware Inspired Glass Cloche

For quite some time, I have been eyeing these 1920′s French Glass Cloches from Restoration Hardware. For $69-$99 a pop, these beautiful cloches were not in my budget.

During my weekly visit to my local thrift store (okay, fine….tri-weekly visit!), I spotted this beauty. For $2.99 for the base and glass cloche, I quickly snatched him up. Here’s what it looked like before:

The glossy wood base just wasn’t calling to me, plus it blended into the furniture. I wanted this little glass cloche to pop — time to break out my trusty can of Rustoleum black spray paint!

And, here’s the final product — all dressed up for fall:

I absolutely love it! It may not be as substantial or tall as the Restoration Hardware glass cloche, but it’s the perfect size for our foyer console table. The beauty of the cloche is that it can be changed to suit the season — pine cones in the winter, a nest with faux robin eggs in the spring and sand dollars and shells for the summer.

It’s amazing what a visit to the thrift store can turn up!

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Drab to Fab: Ribbon Board

Yesterday I showed you my fancy, new-to-me mail slot. It was a $2.99 find at my local VV Boutique. Sure, it needed some TLC to bring it into this century, but it was nothing that a can of chalk board spray paint couldn’t handle.

I also gave you a sneak peek of my DIY ribbon board. Pretty, huh? I think so. It didn’t start out that way though.

One day while leaving work, I passed by the Give & Take Table in our underground parking garage. Normally I don’t bat an eyelash at the table because it’s usually full of junky items that people really should have thrown out. On the table was a wooden frame with broken glass. Garbage, right? It definitely could have passed for it, but I ended up grabbing the frame anyway because it was really deep, almost like a shadow box. I knew I could turn it into an upholstered pin board.

I immediately brought the frame home, threw out the busted up glass and gave it a coat of white spray paint. As you can see, I was so intent on starting this project that I didn’t get a “before” shot. Bad blogger, I know. :)

Next, I headed off to my local Fabricland and went straight to their remnant box. For a few bucks, I got a yard of stripped grey and white outdoor fabric and some white ribbon.

The process of putting it together was simple. I layered some batting over a piece of cardboard to fit the frame, then layered on the fabric. To secure the fabric and batting, I used some duct tape. Easy, right? Then, I arranged the ribbon in a diagonal grid and secured that to the back of the fabric covered cardboard using, of course, more duct tape.

Here’s the final product…

The ribbon board is perfect next to the mail slot, as we can stick invitations, important notices and other reminders on the board so they don’t get lost or thrown out by accident. It also gives the foyer a pop of colour.

How do you handle clutter in your foyer? I’d love to hear about it!

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Drab to Fab: Mail Slot Makeover

Clutter is a MAJOR problem in our foyer. Shoes, bags, papers and mail. Oy, the mail!

For months, I was looking for an effective mail solution – something that would neatly organize our mail while it sat for us to read. After re-doing our foyer, I needed a solution STAT – the mail pile was starting to turn into an accessory and it wasn’t my idea of beautiful decor.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you would have noticed a number of pins for mail organization. Lots of ideas, but nothing that I could easily and quickly execute. Then, one day while strolling through my local VV Boutique, I came across this beauty.

Gotta love that honey-coloured wood. Best of all, the price at a whopping $2.99. Yup, sold. This baby was coming home with me.

I had a few ideas of what to do with this mail slot, but opted to keep it simple. Black is the accent colour of our foyer, so I grabbed my can of Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalk Board Spray and went to town.

And, here’s the final product…

Plenty of space for our mail and it’s located right by the front door near the coat rack for easy access.

What’s the ribbon board next to it? More on that tomorrow!

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Drab to Fab: Outdoor Side Table

Here’s a quick Drab to Fab update to show you one of my recent projects — a rusty, old outdoor side table revamp.

A few summers ago, Ted and I bought a patio table with four chairs and this side table from a garage sale. We paid $50 for the whole set and it served us well for three years. Finally, after saving our pennies, we were able to upgrade our set to a beautiful outdoor sectional couch with cantilever umbrella (more on that in another post).

We ended up selling the patio table and four chairs, but hung on to this side table because it was handy to have beside the BBQ. As you can see, it was looking worse for wear, so I wanted to spruce it up a bit.

Drab outdoor side table (and Mason!)

Spray painting the table was an obvious choice, so I headed to Home Depot and bought a can of Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray in Brown. I chose to go with a hammered finish, since the table already had imperfections — I didn’t want to highlight them with a flat finish.

My originally plan was to dismantle the entire table and remove the glass to make the job go quicker, but the glasses didn’t want to budge. I had to cover the glass in craft paper on both sides and tape it off. Then, I went to town spraying the table (and a few other projects which I’ll share with you later).

Spray painting in the garage

After a few coats, here is the final product (sorry, my iPhone doesn’t take the best photos).

Finished table — made fab!

It’s the perfect fit for right beside the BBQ and it doesn’t look like such an eye-sore anymore. It’s great for holding sauces, brushes, plates…or, if you are my husband, a beer!

Putting the table to work beside the BBQ

So, there you have it — a drab outdoor side table turned fab outdoor side table! Considering we sold the patio table and chairs for the same price that we bought them, but kept the side table, this project practically nets out to $0! My wallet and I love it!

What’s your favourite spray paint project? I’d love to hear about it!

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