In the Living Room

“It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.”

I have been lusting over ceramic garden stools

Everyone seems to have one, except me!

Cait, from Hernando House, has one on her front porch. Pamela, from PB&J Stories, has one in her front foyer. And, I’ve likely pinned a few hundred other ceramic stools on Pinterest as well.

I’ve been soooo obsessed with finding a cheap and cheerful ceramic garden stool all year that I even set-up a Kijiji alert to notify me whenever a ceramic garden stool was posted. Sure, I could have walked into a store and bought a new one, but I’m too thrifty. Plus, part of the fun (I know…I’m sick) is the chase.

Well, finally — FI.NAL.LYYYYYY! — today was my lucky day. When I logged onto my email this morning, there it was sitting in my inbox — a ceramic garden stool just posted on Kijiji.

But, it wasn’t just any old ugly ceramic stool. This one was perfect — it was blue and white, which is my colour scheme for my (one day) living room re-do (yes, the same living room that I re-did last Christmas and the Christmas before, but that is still too blah and bland for my liking. I digress…..)

Here she is in all her glory….

This is the photo from the Kijiji listing. I haven't even picked it up yet, but here I am writing about it!

When I saw the stool, my gut reaction was just like Wayne Campbell when he saw that Excaliber 1964 Stratocaster guitar at the music store…


I immediately emailed the seller and was able to get her asking price down from $80 to $70. I was hoping for more of a steal, but the seller just purchased the ceramic stool on the weekend, brought it home and hated it (her loss, my gain!) At $120 plus tax, I’m getting this baby for just about half price. Not bad.

Of course, originally my budget for this stool was closer to around $20, but since I was so unsuccessful with finding one at garage sales or thrift stores, I figure $70 isn’t bad, especially since I don’t plan to take a can of spray paint to this baby. Of course, some people might find her not so cute and in need of a spray job, but she’s perfect for my living room/dining room vision, which will hopefully translate to a comfortable room that is full of texture, complementary patterns and colours. Here’s to hoping that I can pull it off!

I’ll be picking up the ceramic garden stool tomorrow. Merry early Christmas to me!

UPDATE: When Ted got home late from work, I informed him of my purchase by passing him my laptop and making him read this post. The verdict: he approves.  I think the clip from Wayne’s World helped sway him! :)

Sneak Peak: Christmas at The 236

Boy, did December even sneak up on us! Normally, our Christmas decorations make a slow appearance after Canadian Thanksgiving (yes, we are early birds), but this year we are not as quick!

Here’s a few snapshots of our tree. Please pardon the iPhone pics, which were taken at midnight (that’s how we roll!)

Reds, golds, greens and lots of poinsettias!

Shimmery white lights.

And, a hit or two of white.

How soon do you start to decorate for Christmas?