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Operation Craft Space

It’s no joke that I have been sewing a lot (more on that herehere and here.)

My makeshift sewing spot consisting of a TV tray and couch is just not cutting it — my poor aching back! The lack of storage and useable work space is also driving me batty.

For almost a year now, I have been dreaming of having a dedicated craft space. The logical spot to put said craft space is in our finished basement. But, for the longest time, I had a large small roadblock.

This bad boy on the right.

We purchased this air hockey table right after we moved into our house. While our basement renovation was underway, it sat in our garage waiting to be put into place. I think Ted had big dreams of hosting legendary air hockey tournaments with his friends. That never happened. Well, minus that one Christmas in 2007 when my Dad kick our asses in a few games…

Sadly, the table was taking up valuable floor space right next to our office area. This space was just screaming for another work area because of the great light from the large windows and the ample room to accommodate a sizeable work space with storage.

After almost four years of collecting dust, I convinced Ted we agreed to part with the air hockey table. Up on Kijiji it went! (We opted to keep the fooseball table, as that does get regular use.)

With the table gone, I have been planning and pinning all sorts of ideas for the space. There is a lot of inspiration out there on the web, which has helped me narrow down my wish list, which includes:

  1. A dedicated sewing space with storage
  2. A counter-height workspace (complete with bar stools) for cutting fabric and working on other projects
  3. A storage unit of some kind to organize all of my fabrics, equipment, craft supplies, etc.
  4. A dedicated space for my Silhouette machine (my current desk doesn’t have enough space to accommodate it)

This weekend I was able to nail down #1 on my wish list with this Sauder Sewing and Craft Table from



This cabinet will provide enough work and storage space for my sewing equipment. It will also tuck nicely under the window and still allow enough floor space for a counter-height table and storage unit. Plus, the cinnamon cherry finish of the cabinet will blend in nicely with our current office furniture. All of the reviews for the cabinet are positive — I hope I feel the same way!

I placed my order for the unit and it should arrive in Niagara Falls, NY, within a week or so. To my fellow Canadians living near the border: offers free shipping to their stores. We ordered our backyard fire pit this way and were pleased with the overall process. Oh, the joys of being a Canada/US border dweller!

I’m excited to get my craft space set-up and in working order over the next few months.I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Disclaimer: I was not paid, perked or otherwise compensated for this post by or Sauder Woodworking Company. In fact, they likely have no idea this blog exists or that I am writing about their products! 

Before & After: Jazzed Up Oil Bottles

A few weeks ago, I received my Silhouette Cameo in the mail and I was excited to work on a few projects using my new toy!

My first project was jazzing up some oil bottles in my kitchen. One contains olive oil and the other has canola oil. I thought it would be fun to use a snazzy cursive font and some vinyl to jazz up these rather boring looking bottles.

Here’s what the bottles looked like before the vinyl. I found mine at Home Sense.

And, here’s the after!

And, a close up!

I simply used a cursive font from my computer and made a Canola Oil and an Olive Oil vinyl decal using my Silhouette Cameo. Once printed out, I used some transfer paper and affixed them to the bottles. Easy-peasy!

I love the finished product, plus it makes it easier to know which oil is what.

One of many vinyl projects I’m sure! I’m loving my Silhouette machine!

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Review: Household Low Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have heard me tweet (non-stop!) about my love for my new paint sprayer. Let me just say, this sprayer rocks! So much so, that I had to share this great find with you!

I was in the market for a paint sprayer for a few months, but I didn’t know which one to buy and I didn’t really want to spend a fortune because I knew I would only need it for a handful of projects. We already had a large capacity air compressor, so all I needed was the actual spray gun.

Enter Beckie and her review of Harbor Freight Tools’ Household Low Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun review. After reading her review and seeing the before and afters of some furniture pieces that she completed using this sprayer, I knew my decision was made! Plus, she did all the work for me by finding a coupon code online! For a cool $15, I had a new sprayer! Thanks Beckie!

After weeks of putting off spraying my new{ish} bathroom vanity for our upstairs bathroom re-fresh, I finally swallowed my fear and busted out the sprayer this weekend.

I will admit, it took awhile to get used to the sprayer. Before I even set foot at spraying the vanity, I practiced on a scrap piece of wood. It took some time to find the right setting, especially since I had to fiddle with three different knobs to find the right amount of paint. Also, the primer I was using needed to be thinned a bit, so that was a bit of a challenge finding the right paint consistency that wasn’t too thick or to thin.


  • The price — for $15 delivered (to my US mailbox), you can’t be beat
  • The sprayer is lightweight and easy to hold
  • The cup holds just the right amount of paint to spray a medium to large piece
  • The gun is easy to clean — just rinse the cup out really well with water (when using latex paint), then run a cup of fresh water through the sprayer to clean out the insides (I simply sprayed the water into a bucket until it ran clear, then I let the gun air dry)
  • Sprays pieces quickly and evenly without brush strokes
  • Little over-spray — of course, you’ll want to protect your work area with drop cloths, but I was expecting there to be more over-spray than there was (bonus!)
  • The trigger is easy to use and responsive
  • Finding the right spray consistency takes awhile to perfect — practice on a scrap piece of wood to find the right consistency (too thick will have an orange peel finish and too thin will run)
  • The gun didn’t come with a female connector, so I had to purchase that separately for a few dollars at my local hardware store

I can’t wait to show you my painted vanity when it’s complete! I’m so glad I swallowed my fear and primed and painted my vanity with a paint sprayer, rather than paint it with a brush. If you are in the market for an economical spray gun, I highly recommend Harbor Freight Tools’ Household Low Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun manufactured by Central Pneumatic.