Momma’s Command Centre

Work on baby girl’s room is waddling chugging along!

Last night, we focused our attention on a very important corner of the room — what I like to call “Momma’s Command Centre.”

It’s that special little corner where our new glider resides and where baby and I will reside for many, many, many hours each day.

Many of my “Momma friends” told me to a) buy a comfy glider (CHECK!) and b) make sure you have a table next to it to hold your drink, iPhone, miscellaneous “Mom gear” (I’m sure I’ll learn more about that quite quickly once baby arrives) and snacks. Specifically, make sure the table you buy has a drawer for snacks. NOTED!

Ikea’s Hemnes Nightstand was the perfect candidate — the right size, the right price (it’s on sale now!) and it has the much spoken about drawer. I also like the shelf on the bottom to house the white noise machine and other baby-related gear.

Since the room is oh-so-tiny, having a bookshelf is out of the question. I had to get creative and work with the space at hand. My solution? Shelves! Three of them on the wall behind the glider. We chose the Ekby Jarpen/Ekby Bjarnum combination from Ikea.

Ted spaced the shelves about 12″ apart and I’m pleased to report that there was very minimal swearing involved!

At this point, it was getting late, I was falling asleep in my glider, but we had one more piece of my “Momma’s Command Centre” to install — a wall sconce.

Again, with the room being so small, I didn’t want to clutter any free surface with a lamp. A swing-arm wall-mounted lamp seemed like the best option and I found this one from Lowes and fell in love with it.

Unlike the shelves, this lamp gave Ted the case of “The Swears”…

Totally worth it though because the final product of my little slice of heaven is complete. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

All that’s left to do is stock my snack drawer and arrange books and other fun things for the little one on the shelves, like her shiny new piggy bank from a very dear friend (hi Heather!)

What do you think? To the Moms and Dads out there — is my “Momma’s Command Centre” missing anything else? Mini fridge perhaps? If only I had the space! :)

Rock on, baby!

After a rather trying week (I. feel. soooo. pregnant.), I was pleased to be able to knock one more item off my list of things to unnecessarily fill my brain with — the glider.

It arrived last night.

Two weeks ahead of schedule.

Seriously. Ahh-mazing.

My husband? Gotta love him. After having to deal with the tears, complaints, demands and my overall sucky mood all week, Ted happily hopped into the car after a full day of work, drove to Stoney Creek to get the glider and brought it home.

I feel kinda ridiculous for having a material object make me happy, but whatever — I’m going with it.

Seeing this in the baby’s room makes me HAPPY! And, EXCITED! Kinda the same way that chocolate makes me feel.

You’ll have to pardon the poor quality photos. It was late when I removed my aching, pregnant body from my Snoogle pillow to come check out the glider in the room.

It fits perfectly! With the room being as small as it is, we had to find a chair that was compact, yet comfortable. The Thonet rocking chair, which has been in my family for many years, was always our first choice, but it was too big for the room. It will remain at Grandpa’s house and I’m sure we’ll make good use of it there.

Also, being the taller folks that Ted and I both are, we needed a chair that fit us right. A lot of chairs that we test drove were too low in the back, meaning no head support. And, hey — if we are going to be clocking many miles in this chair for the next fews years, we want to be comfortable, right?

We ended up choosing Dutailier’s 180 Serial in a grey fabric with a courser weave — it’s surprisingly very soft to the touch. We had the option of choosing a contrasting fabric for the piping, but we opted to keep the chair all one fabric/colour since it will likely transition to our basement living room down the road. Best of all, we snagged it during a Boxing Week sale, so it was within our budget.

Overall, we are thrilled with the glider and are happy to support another Canadian company. I can’t wait to snuggle baby girl in this chair. Only 7ish more weeks until we get to meet her!

To all you Moms and Dads out there — did you buy a glider for your baby? Do you love or regret this choice? At first, we didn’t feel the need to purchase a glider, but after talking with experienced Moms and Dads, they all said it was worth the investment. Thoughts?