Momma’s Command Centre

Work on baby girl’s room is waddling chugging along!

Last night, we focused our attention on a very important corner of the room — what I like to call “Momma’s Command Centre.”

It’s that special little corner where our new glider resides and where baby and I will reside for many, many, many hours each day.

Many of my “Momma friends” told me to a) buy a comfy glider (CHECK!) and b) make sure you have a table next to it to hold your drink, iPhone, miscellaneous “Mom gear” (I’m sure I’ll learn more about that quite quickly once baby arrives) and snacks. Specifically, make sure the table you buy has a drawer for snacks. NOTED!

Ikea’s Hemnes Nightstand was the perfect candidate — the right size, the right price (it’s on sale now!) and it has the much spoken about drawer. I also like the shelf on the bottom to house the white noise machine and other baby-related gear.

Since the room is oh-so-tiny, having a bookshelf is out of the question. I had to get creative and work with the space at hand. My solution? Shelves! Three of them on the wall behind the glider. We chose the Ekby Jarpen/Ekby Bjarnum combination from Ikea.

Ted spaced the shelves about 12″ apart and I’m pleased to report that there was very minimal swearing involved!

At this point, it was getting late, I was falling asleep in my glider, but we had one more piece of my “Momma’s Command Centre” to install — a wall sconce.

Again, with the room being so small, I didn’t want to clutter any free surface with a lamp. A swing-arm wall-mounted lamp seemed like the best option and I found this one from Lowes and fell in love with it.

Unlike the shelves, this lamp gave Ted the case of “The Swears”…

Totally worth it though because the final product of my little slice of heaven is complete. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

All that’s left to do is stock my snack drawer and arrange books and other fun things for the little one on the shelves, like her shiny new piggy bank from a very dear friend (hi Heather!)

What do you think? To the Moms and Dads out there — is my “Momma’s Command Centre” missing anything else? Mini fridge perhaps? If only I had the space! :)

And, they’re done!

Ladies and gents, the curtains for our soon-to-arrive (eek! 9ish more weeks!) little girl are D-O-N-E! As in, no more huffing, puffing, squatting, standing, bending, stretching this big ol’ pregnant body to finish sewing these curtains!

In my last update, all I had left to do was line, sew, grommet and hang the curtains. No biggie, right? WELL! After a few hiccups with the sewing machine (it was in “a mood” for about a week — as in, it would not stop binding up), I got them finished!

I opted to line the curtains with dim out fabric to help block out any extra light that our horizontal blinds don’t block out…

…and then I simply measured, cut and installed grommets at the top of the fabric to easily slide back and forth on the drapery rod.

I will say that math is NOT my forte and that it took me many more hours (yes, HOURS) than I’d like to admit to figure out the exact spacing of the grommets. After some swear words, a nap and a tall glass of gingerale with lots of ice (and maybe another nap thrown in), I figured out the spacing. The actual cutting out of the grommet holes and the installation of the grommets was easy — phew!

And, here they are in all their glory! Pressed, hung and absolutely just as I hoped!

Totally, 100% worth all of the hard work, swearing, sweat, maybe a tear or two and savings by DIY-ing them myself. Oh yea, and the satisfaction of being able to tell my girl everyday for the rest of her life that, “Mommy made you these curtains.” Poor kid is going to be burdened with these curtains for the rest of her life. I hope her future husband likes them.

As for the rest of the room? I have nothing to show you. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. WE DON’T EVEN HAVE ELECTRICITY IN THIS ROOM! But, that’s a story for another time….

Aside from the curtains, the rest of the room sits empty…and I keep sitting cross-legged willing this baby not to make an early appearance because we are not ready for her arrival. Yes, the crib and dresser are on order and we even broke down and bought a glider for the room (more on that later). I hope that everything arrives in the next four weeks, leaving me 5ish weeks to get everything started and finished.

Plenty of time, right? And, who am I kidding….does the baby really care about ANY of this?! I’m thinking no. Phew, the pressure is off! :)

Source list for this project:
Fabric: Varenna Coral from Tonic Living
Lining: Dim Out from Tonic Living
Grommets: Dritz 1-9/16-Inch Inner Diameter Curtain Grommets, 8-Pack, Pewter from Amazon.com
Drapery Rod: Allen + Roth Metal Single Curtain Rod, Pewter from Lowes

I came across this great tutorial on Pinterest to help refresh my memory on how to sew lined curtains with grommets. I highly recommend anyone wanting to tackle DIY curtains to visit Ginger Freckle and read her tutorial.