The 236

May 31, 2007 — Our 5th Housiversary

May 31. A big day for Ted and I.

Two major life events occurred on this day exactly one year apart.

May 31, 2007, was the day we said goodbye to Unit 403 — Ted’s one-bedroom plus den fourth floor bachelor pad condo. The special place that housed the very beginnings of our relationship. It was also the day that we took possession of our home — once Ted’s childhood home.

Our first home together.

It was an exciting day full of promise, ideas and major excitement. Oh, the things we had in mind for that house. How far we have come in those five years. It is safe to say that we have touched, changed, re-worked, re-designed and personalized every square inch of our house.

We love it. It’s home.

As if moving into a new home and tackling major renovations wasn’t enough, my days were also filled with planning a wedding.

Our wedding.

More on that tomorrow — our fourth wedding anniversary.