Last Friday I shared some snaps of our lilacs. They are still going strong (full of blooms and all) and, with all of the rain last weekend and this week, the rest of my garden has been blooming like crazy. My ground cover (pictured above) has tripled in size, which I’m totally jazzed about because more ground cover means less weeding.

This year, I didn’t plant as many annuals in the garden. The pressure to keep them watered consistently was too much for my busy schedule last year, so this year I opted for less. This approach seems to be working and my annuals are happy.

Here’s to a lovely and relaxing weekend ahead!

What are you plans? I hope to play in the dirt a bit and get some much-needed gardening work done (with maybe a haircut and a mani/pedi in between!)


This is the first year since moving into the house that we haven’t been tackling a huge landscaping project. This summer, we’re actually able to sit back and smell the roses.

Right now, my lilac bushes are full of blooms. They are gorgeous and smell like heaven.

I wish they could stay like this forever.

Cheers to a great, rainy weekend ahead! Get outside and go splash in some puddles!